Thursday, March 09, 2006

Don't Panic, Panic Day Isn't Quite Over

Bare with me everyone. I am feeling rather frazzled at this late hour because I haven't completed my blog entry today. It is almost midnight and I am feeling so pressed to get my blog entry up that I am starting to panic. I am panicking especially because March 9th is Panic Day and I have yet to blog about panicking.

What the ... ??? is panic day? That's what I wondered when I saw it listed as one of March's theme days. It seems that there are a lot of 'holidays' that have been invented just to give people something to live for. If you're like me, and didn't realize that today was panic day, you can still find a reason to live for tomorrow, because March 10th is Middle Name Pride Day.

Here are some links if you want to know more about Panic Day:

To send someone a Panic Day e-card, click here.
To start living and stop panicking, click here.


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