Thursday, March 09, 2006

I'll Do it Tomorrow

I know that it is late in the day to be posting my entries. What can I say? I just had trouble getting started today. It could be because March 6-12 is Procrastination Week. Or maybe I am still panicking because my hubby informed me that the coffee maker brewed it's last cup, and the Bay won't open for 9.5 hours. Chewing on coffee beans doesn't seem to be calming me.

Uugh! Well let's find out all about Procrastination week, shall we?

It is National Procrastination Week and we're not sure if that means it's a good time to put things off, or a reminder to get moving?" (source)

If you need a hand getting yourself moving along, here are some interesting sites to check out:

"Procrastination: A hardening of the oughteries."
- Anonymous

Hilarious--Gotta Get My Stuff Done


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